Hopewood Park, Ryhope

Medical Architecture

As part of a wider scheme, known as PrIDE (Providing Improved Mental Health and Learning Disability Environments in Sunderland and South Tyneside), Hopewood Park has been designed to provide modern and inspiring facilities for local mental health services. Medical Architecture's design, inspired Ryhope's riven valley, nestles delicately within a sloping landscape; cleverly using natural changes in topography to provide privacy to inpatient wards, whilst capitalising on views towards the North Sea. The Barton Centre, which includes an extensive amount of shared facilities and landscaped external areas, is located in the centre of the site where the landscape drops away more sharply and around which all of the wards are clustered.

Due to my previous experience in landscape photography, Medical Architecture asked me to capture a series of photographs illustrating the relationship between the building's form and it's generous sloping site. I used this fantastic opportunity (during a lovely set of summer days!) to emphasise the link between the bright & colourful internal spaces and the expansive views across to the North-East coast line. The interesting geometries of the external walkways & courtyards, combined with the inviting nature of the soft & hard landscaping meant that the project was a delight to photograph!

Do not reproduce photos without prior permission.